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Ocean Transportation
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Our shipping services

Our responsibility to customer needs, and constantly develop new varieties of services, improve service quality, reduce service costs, and in accordance with the trend of modern logistics development, and establish a production operating system with advanced information technology system to ensure the right customers, fast, low-cost services. Specific services are as follows:

  CFS consolidation business, and provide to pay, or the destination port clearance delivery service.
  Ocean Export FCL business, our company with a number of shipping companies signed a cooperation agreement.
  provision of maritime operations throughout China to the world's major ports and inland points of export booking,
    customs declaration and inspection, transport and other train services; issue, including All kinds of ocean transport,
    including bills of lading bill of lading or cargo carrier certificate.
  dangerous goods to provide domestic and international customers, special cargo and bulk cargo liner and charter
  Provide foreign port of destination, customs clearance, deconsolidation, pick up service. And in accordance with
    customer requirements, design and reasonable route.
  Provide a full range of goods throughout the transport tracking service.
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